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Formed and led by Tuan- Mai and Friends since 2012, Ánh Sáng Tình Thương (Light of Love) is one of ICAN’s key charity projects in Vietnam.

Our mission is to educate and raise awareness about cataract disease, and most importantly to provide eye surgery for poor cataract patients in Viet Nam at no cost.

Cataract Eye Surgery

Cataract is a largest cause of blindness in Vietnam and the rest of the world. Each year, there are about 170,000 new cataract cases in Vietnam. Though a simple operation can rescue the vision for most cataract patients, many patients do not know about it, and even fewer have the opportunity to undergo it.

Gifts and Supports

Our surgeries are free for cataract patients. Anh Sang Tinh Thuong also provides certain accomodation for patients while receiving treatments including lunch and transportation cost.


51 surgery operations
over 5,000 patients

*Special thanks to all contributors; we could not make such a great impact without your help.

Plans ( July 2017 - Dec 2018 )

20 surgery operation sessions
2,000 patients

*With a donation of only $40, we can help a cataract patient regain his or her lost vision.


Ánh Sáng Tình Thương Documentary

Thu An is back for OP#75 on Jan. 10th 2019

Thu- An is back Thu An, the past leader of ASTT volunteers, will go back to VietNam to visit her mom and to participate some charitable works, including to join Op #75 on January 10th 2019, the first 2019 mission of ASST. She personally called her friends donating for the mission which will help about 100 cataract patients

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